Hello & Welcome

My name is Elliott Neep. My first name caused me considerable distress when I was a kid growing up thanks to Spielberg’s E.T. and people waving their finger at me. The unusual surname associates me with turnips, which is equally distressing. Nevertheless, as far as I know, I am the only Elliott Neep on this planet, which should make it easier to Google me in the future… Welcome to my place on the web.

Photographing Adélie penguins at Cape Adare, Antarctica
Photographing inquisitive and engaging Adélie penguins at Cape Adare, Antarctica

As a professional wildlife photographer, safari guide, founder of ProHides and occasional writer of articles,  I have spent the past decade studying and photographing the natural world. This website exclusively hosts my Photo Prints, Photo Stories and Feature Articles. Soon, I will also be adding a fully keyword searchable stock image library with online licensing. This particular page is about me, but please don’t linger here. Check out the images instead. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with my travels and photography, I regularly post to  and  and ProHides has an increasingly popular page on 

About Me

📷  Occupation: Photographer and Guide
⏳  Age: Older than Bieber, younger than Yoda
👁‍🗨  Philosophy: Strongly Ethical – Animal’s welfare takes priority
💭  Methodology: Keep it simple, instinctive.
💰  Politics: Don’t get me started!
🍺  Favourite tipple: Cold beer on the savannah
🎬  Star Wars or Star Trek: Please! I am a Jedi!!!

I asked my friends and family what they thought about me, seeing as I always find it difficult to write this bit – seriously, what can you write that’s remotely interesting!? Words from them that I can put in print are: cheeky, quiet, funny, considerate, unassuming, patient, good listener. I’m a bit of a foodie, a massive tea addict – always enjoying for a cuppa. I love pizza, cheese & pickle sarnies, quality beer and fine wine – not necessarily at the same time.

I’ve lived with depression since my late teens. I used to be ashamed of it, but understanding it more, I just try to deal with it as best I can. The Black Dog comes to stay on a regular basis, but getting out in nature really helps. Whether it’s the sun on my face and fresh air, the exercise, or the distraction of watching wildlife… Who knows!? But it does help. If you’re affected by depression or are close to somebody that is, please check out this video. It’s the best I’ve seen in going a long way to explain to others what happens when the Black Dog visits.

About My Photography

I love my work. I’m impassioned by it. I’d like nothing more than to just photograph wild animals. I’m absolutely fascinated by nature, patiently waiting for hours, days, even weeks and months for that photograph. I’m constantly motivated by that universal message that “a picture is worth a thousand words“.

Like many, my career started with macrophotography bugs, fungi and flora. Accessibility was the key to learning fast, moving on to park wildfowl and squirrels, progressing to wild deer, foxes, badgers, otters, etc. For many years, I’ve tried to strike a balance between shooting stock images that make money for the business and shooting images that interest me on an artistic level. Now, with maturity on my side and feeling more confident and established in my work, the balance has swung heavily toward a fine art style, now embodied by the release of my Photo Prints.

Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla Beringei Beringei)
Photographing mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

I’m not a gadget freak or an early adopter. I have my set kit and it goes with me practically everywhere, always working as simply as possible and not overcomplicating things – very little can help you take a better photograph, other than learning your craft with the camera and lens. In my view, wildlife photography is instinctive, not forced.

I primarily focus on large mammals – big cats, polar bears and the megafauna of the savannah. I simply have a great affinity with mammals – fur over feathers, if you like. Imperious-looking birds of prey, enigmatic owls and jewel-like kingfishers and rollers, or massive flocks are stunning and there is always room for them in my portfolio. There are three overlapping genres: Intimate portraits capturing the subject’s intrinsic nature; Engaging or action-filled behavioural imagery; Contextual living landscapes or ‘wildscapes’ where the subject is a focal point within its environment. Why not have a look? You can search for any image on this site using standard keywords: “Looking at camera”, “Surface level”, “Headshot”, “Close-up”, etc.

Written Works

I have survived and thrived in the industry for over ten years, collecting awards, publishing and agency contracts – enabling my images to be published extensively worldwide. If you have a passion for wildlife photography, my articles can really help. They’re not just whimsical musings. Each article is based on experience, with tried and tested techniques, inspiring the reader to ‘get out there and give it a try’. Practical Photography published more than a dozen of them, all based on accessible nature photography – it’s not just exotic wildlife in far flung destinations.

The primary hub for my written works is this website. I used to produce mini-articles for my Facebook page, but left the FB world behind (which has been incredibly liberating). My quick tips and discussions have two other outlets: Instagram and Twitter.

Published Work

My wildlife photographs have been well covered by the photographic/wildlife media with interviews and feature portfolios in Practical Photography, BBC Wildlife, Wild Planet Photo, Digital Photographer, Digital Camera, etc. My photographs have also appeared in major media publications including the British national press and lots of those online newspapers. I have image representation via Getty Images™, FLPA, Solent News, W.E.N.N. etc.

Other current and previous clients include: G+J Media, Micato Safaris, Silversea Expeditions, Minden Pictures, National Geographic Creative, BAUR Media, Future Inc., Imagine Publishing, Immediate Media, 7Squared, Newton Press Inc., National Wildlife Federation (Ranger Rick), RSPCA, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), ARKive, The Wildlife Trusts…