Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

In recognition of their tireless efforts against global wildlife crime, I have opened my catalog to the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). I hope these images can help raise awareness and increase critical funding donations through their marketing and media content. The EIA is a small but highly effectives organisation that relies on donations from the public and charitable foundations. “We don’t have flash offices and huge salaries but we do give great value for money by focusing our resources on the vital work which has made us one of the most effective conservation groups in the world.” Please lend your support to the EIA. Their work is invaluable, even essential. They don’t have the fat overheads of NGOs like the WWF, where almost all your donations are soaked up in admin and offices.

EIA logo"We recognise the important responsibilities we have towards wildlife and the environment, our donors and supporters, staff and the public. We ensure that we are accountable and transparent in all aspects of our work, and in how we use the funds that are so generously donated for the work we undertake."

A massive 93p of each pound spent is for projects tackling wildlife crime and protecting the environment. Just 7p of each pound spent is used for fundraising, admin and governance. 16% of all our income was donated by kind people like you. Project grants make up the majority of our other income. For more information on the EIA, please refer to their website (checkout their undercover operations): www.eia-international.org